Rising Hammer Star Ashraf Amgad Elseify

We have seen for the last couple of seasons some great young athletes with enormous potential like Anna Rüh and Mykyta Nesterenko in the discus, shot putter Jacko Gill and javelinist Zigismunds Sirmais and Braian Toledo. But there is one upon whom the spotlight shines brightest, he was a relative unknown until last year, until the Barcelona World Junior Championships ... Ashraf Amgad Elseify.

Ashraf is an Egyptian hammer thrower who started training in the Egyptian throwing school under the supervision of Dr. Nagui Assad. He set in 2010 an national under 16 record  of 79,13m (259' 7") with the 4kg implement which put him in a good position to become a high level athlete in the following years. In 2011 , he moved to Qatar , to become a Qatari citizen. He started training with former Soviet hammer thrower Alexey Malyukov. It didn't took long for him to show up, he set a World Youth best of 85,26m (279' 8") in Germany to become the first youth hammer thrower in history braking the 85m (278' 10") barrier! But his moment of glory came during the 2012 World Junior Championships in Barcelona, everybody was expecting to see Jacko Gill blasting a world junior record in the shot put , but it wasn't the case. Ashraf made a sensational throw that will be remembered for a long time, 85,57m (280' 8") with the 6kg Hammer! Remember that he was only 17 years old! Again, he is writing history, but this time in Junior books. This season, in April, he threw with the senior implement 76,37m (250' 6") setting a new senior national and area junior record.

This guy has the potential to throw much more, Olli-Pekka Karjalainen's World Junior Record of 78,33m (256' 11") with the senior implement is in the warning zone. For the next year's World Junior Championships you should fasten your seat belts and get ready for some fireworks! If he continuous on the right path with proper training and care , Yuriy Sedykh's 86.74m (284' 6") World Record could also vanish!