El-Ghazaly to face Kanter in Tartu

The reigning African Champion and the former junior world record holder (65.88 m) Omar El-Ghazaly, who opened his season in early May with a 64.79 m, will compete tomorrow in Tartu. His stongest competitor is Gerd Kanter who announced his participation yesterday.

Coached by Aleksander Tammert,  El-Ghazaly will stay mostly in Estonia during the summer. He arrived yesterday from Egypt. His preparation has gone well, without any injuries he is hoping to enter the next level this summer and be in his best shape ever at the Olympic Games 2012. The main target for 2011 is to compete well at the World Championships in Daegu.

El-Ghazaly struggled with different kind of injuries for the past 2 years. Last year he managed to throw 64.18 m and grab Gold at the African Championships in Nairobi. Since October he is coached by the Olympic and European bronze medallist Aleksander Tammert who has a great experience in discus event and a lifetime best of 70.82 m (2006).