David Storl visits a kindergarten

Shot Put World Champion David Storl recently visted the ADMEDINO kindergarten in Chemnitz, Germany.

The comment of the kindergarten:

"Today, our kids were allowed to compete against David Storl in shot put. The children were allowed to ask David all kind of questions, such as "Will you still grow?", "Do you have to train for a week?" or "What ist your nutrition?" We then used our beach volleyball arena for the shot put. All small and large ADMEDINO's played along. A perfect morning - We highly appreciate the work of David Storl."

David Storl's comment:

"So this is a kindergarten in Chemnitz which really offers a great environment for the children. These kids are doing a lot outside the building and therfore have a lot of fun.
I spoke with the children and answered them all the questions they posed to me. I obviously tried to explain them shot put a little bit. And who knows maybe mysuccessor was among them"

The pictures can be seen here: David Storl at ADMEDINO