Harting and Armstrong to FBK Games, in Hengelo this weekend

The international athletics meeting FBK Games 2011 will take place on Sunday, May 29 in Hengelo, Netherlands. FBK Games is known for its hospitality and the professional organization. Athletes that have competed at FBK Games always return home with another great memory and remind their experience in Hengelo with sublime words.

Good organization

The event is organized thanks to the 450 volunteers, without them it couldn´t be organized in this professional way. Can´t forget the sponsors who support the event - and many other events also - Business Club of 83 and the municipality of Hengelo.


FBK Games are organized since 1981 in Hengelo.  The Games are named after Fanny Blankers-Koen, the best Dutch athlete of all-time. She won 4 Gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1948 and in 2000 the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) crowned her as the best athlete of 20th century.

Best athletes in the world

Every year athletes around the world come to compete in Hengelo and often they show their best performances in Hengelo. Haile Geberselassie ran 4 world records in Hengelo. After his success he is the honorary citizen of Hengelo and has a nickname "Mr. Hengelo". Another great athlete who set the world record in Hengelo (2004) is Kenenisa Bekele whos 12.37,35 in 5000 m still stands as the world record. Carl Lewis, Sebastian Coe, Marion Jones and Ellen van Langen have also made many great performances in Hengelo.

Athmosphere in the stadium

That is one of the main reasons why athletes like to compete in Hengelo. The stadium is always filled with enthusiastic athletics supporters. It´s also the reason for athletes to show their best performances in Hengelo!

Throwholics will have the live coverage from the men´s discus.  Check it from our Live results page or a post on our front page.


Men´s Discus - WR 74.08 Jürgen Schult (GER) , Neubrandenburg 1986

SB 68.99 Robert Harting (GER) , Halle

MR 69.57 Virgilijus Alekna (LTU), 2005

Men´s Shot Put - WR 23.12 Randy Barnes (USA) , Westwood 1990

SB 21.72 Dylan Armstrong (CAN), La Jolla

MR 21.56 Reese Hoffa (USA), 2009

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