Jacko Gill attended in physical tests. Video

Didier Poppe who is a coach of New-Zealand´s shot put sensation Jacko Gill carried on a physical tests for his athletes to see their general physical form at that period of training.

Gill had a 3 meter standing long jump, in which his lifetime best jump is 3.30 m, an outstanding 95 cm in standing vertical jump and a box jump on 1.5 m. He also ran 3,5 s (hand-timing) in 30 m.

Most of the throwers are curious about his weight records so Throwholics is now honored to inform you with his best results.

8 reps at 140 kg in bench press,
4 reps at 275 kg in half squats (at 80 degrees box),
3 reps at 90 kg in snatch,
3 reps at 130,2 kg in clean,

but he hasn´t tried out his maximum.