World's Greatest Athlete Nearly Skewered by Wife-To-Be

Decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton nearly had his season, if not his career, ended by a run-in with a javelin while training on Westmont College’s oceanside campus. The London Olympic champion was in California for some warm weather training and to compete in select events during April 6's Sam Adams Multi-Events meet.

While retrieving his javelins Eaton, like many of us have done, allowed his mind to wander. Meanwhile, Canadian Olympian, and soon to be Mrs. Eaton (July 13), Brianne Theisen whipped her own weapon of war off the edge of the runway. Her throw was not followed by the familiar throwers' war whoop, but a piercing "AAAAAAAAAAAASH"; a scream Eaton compared to a "... cold blooded murder".

The 600 gram spear almost skewered the 6′1″, 185 pound speedster. According to witnesses he saved his Rio chances with a "Matrix type" move.

"I knew that javelin was coming from my back," he added, “I ducked to my left because I heard [Theisen's] voice coming from the right. … As I was turning my head, I saw the tip of the javelin right here [he pointed to a small scar beneath his Romanesque nose]. It grazed my face and stuck in the ground.”

"Everything's good," history's 2nd 9,000 point scorer said with a relieved tone. "I'll remember this as just a crazy story."

Maybe it's time USATF hires some retrievers for the Eatons?

Throwholics reminds you to be careful. Even when you are not throwing keep youself safe by staying alert and keeping your head on a swivel. Always assume implements are heading your way. Throwing implements don´t care if you have a gold medal in your sock drawer.

Interesting fact

Back in the last century the world record holder Jan Železný was competing in Tartu, Estonia. One of his attempts landed on the thrower's warm-up oval (where the runners race). The men's 200m had been run a mer seconds earlier and a tragedy was averted.

post script

March found Eaton upping this throwing bests with a put of 15.40m (50' 6") and a javelin mark of 66.64 m (218' 7").

Brianne Theisen's Sam Adams throwing results:
• shot put: 12.65m (41' 6”)
• javelin: 39.33m (129' 0")

Ashton Eaton's Sam Adams throwing results:
• shot put: 14.62m (47' 11")
• discus: 43.34m (142' 2")
• javelin: 56.15m (184' 3")

Sam Adams Multi-Events results