Kanter won the ERGO Games, Hadadi was third

ERGO World Games brought together a pot of famous names in discus throwing. Sixth in a row, ERGO Games was brought to life in 2006 by Aleksander Tammert, son of Estonia´s legendary thrower and coach Aleksander Tammert senior. The idea is to clarify the best discus country in the world.

ERGO Games was held in Kose, a village in northern part of Estonia. Gerd Kanter managed to individually win in front of his homecrowd with a heave of 64.64m. Followed by Erik Cadée (63.79m) and Ehsan Hadadi (61.58m) he placed Estonia to overall 2nd together with his team mate Aleksander Tammert who was individually 10th with 58.98m.

The overall winner was the European team - Erik Cadée and Swedish hope Daniel Stahl (60.25m).

Germany, Spain and Lithuania were not attending.

Europe - Erik Cadée, Daniel Stahl- 124.04
Estonia - Gerd Kanter, Aleksander Tammert- 123.60
Poland - Piotr Malachowski, Robert Urbanek- 121.81

Individual listing:
Gerd Kanter 64.62
Erik Cadée 63.79
Ehsan Hadadi 61.58