Olympic champion Adams puts 20.26m

The 2-time Olympic champion Valerie Adams won the Diamond League meet held in Stockholm. Her best put was measured 20.26m.

Adams plays a good role in recent scandal with her opponent Ostapchuk. After a positive test of Ostapchuk was revealed, she has stayed modest with her pronouncements - unlike Ostapchuk who claimed Adams in drug use and refuses to deliver the award to Adams - who is a true champion indisputably.

The more tragic is a fact that Adams was not able to take the highest step on to the podium, which is beyond every doubt the brightest possible moment of every Olympic Champion.

A law says that defendant is innocent until proven quilty. The fact that WADA is a reliable organization fighting against the unfair actions in sports leaves Ostapchuk no possibility to fight against WADA. In fact, she started to claim her former coach in conspiracy that framed her quilty. Eventually the final word belongs to the Court of Arbitration.