Belarusian shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk stripped of gold medal for doping

IOC withdraws gold medal from shot put athlete Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Ostapchuk won gold medal in the women´s shot put final in London. Her winning result was 21.36m leaving Valerie Adams second with 20.70m.

The analytical report of the laboratory analysis of the A sample of the First Sample,
issued by the WADA Accredited Laboratory in Harlow, dated 9 August 2012, indicated
the presence of metenolone and its metabolite, which are classified as anabolic
agents (S1) under the 2012 Prohibited List.

1. Valerie Adams NZL 20.70
2. Evgeniia Kolodko RUS 20.48 (PB)
3. Lijiao Gong CHN 20.22 (SB)

4. Ling Li CHN 19.63
5. Michelle Carter USA 19.42
6. Xiangrong Liu CHN 19.18
7. Geisa Arcanjo BRA 19.02 (PB)
8. Irina Tarasova RUS 19.00
9. Natalia Ducó CHI 18.80 (NR)
10. Christina Schwanitz GER 18.47
11. Natallia Mikhnevich BLR 18.42

Nadzeya Ostapchuk BLR DQ

Official decision of IOC:…0Commission-Ostapchuk.pdf