Robert Harting slept in subway station

The reigning Olympic Champion Robert Harting had to spend his night in a nearby subway station in London.

He slept on bench because thieves stole his sports bag and he was unable to enter the Olympic village. Inside the bag there were all his gear and accreditation card that is necessary to enter the village.

Harting showed guards his passport but they were not convinced it´s a famous athlete that just won his first Olympic title.

"I had to wait for hours to get a new accreditation. Meanwhile I slept on a bench and ground of the subway station," he told Bild.

"I finally got into my room 8:10 AM," he added.

How come the reigning Olympic Champion can´t have a decent sleep in his hotel room although he showed his passport? Throwholics thinks the organizers of the Olympic Games owe him an apology.

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