Tomasz Majewski takes Shot Put Gold in an epic battle with 21,89m !!!

The Polish Shot Putter Tomasz Majewski took Gold with 21,89m! David Storl became second with his new personal best of 21,86m and the american Reese Hoffa takes bronce with 21,23m.

All in all this Shot Put Final was an epic battle! The promising Americans couldn't show their best performances during the whole final. The first round was already a really big one of David Storl with his personal best of 21,84m! It seems he shocked the other throwers with this huge throw because nobody except Tomasz Majewski could throw over 21m.

The second round was promising again for David Storl with again a new personal of 21,86m!!! Tomas Majweski tried to get close to David Storl with his new season best of 21,72m . Reese Hoffa came close to 21m with his 20,98m in the first round and 20,95m in the second round but so far couldn't get over it.

The promising Christian Cantwell and Ryan Whiting couldn't live up to their expectations so far. Cantwell acheived 20,95m in the second round but Ryan Whiting was still only with 21,21m in the final. The Canadian Dylan Armstrong said he would be in the best shape of all time but it looks otherwise. During the first round and second round he could "only" achieve 20,16m and 20,93m.

Reese Hoffa was able to throw over the 21m mark in the third round and achieved an 21,23m. David Storl could not improve his personal best for the third time in the row and threw 21,46m. Tomasz Majewski was the man of the third round due to the fact that he improved his position to the gold one with a great effort of 21,87m!!!

So by then the final of the first 8 throwers were clear and the promising Ryan Whiting was not able to make the final which was a surprise for everybody.

During the final three throws only Christian Cantwell and Tomasz Majewski could improve their efforts. Christian Cantwall was the World Leader with 22,31m but did not throw a bit near to that. But still his last throw of 21,19m was his best one and made him 4th in competition.

Reese Hoffa could not improve any further and took the bronce medal with his third round throw of 21,23m. David Storl on the other hand had some bigger throws in the end but fouled all of them.

Tomasz Majewski became then the Olympic Champion for the second time after his Olympic win in Beijing in 2008. He went into the ring for his final throw already knowing he would be the Champion and improved even further to 21,89m!

Throwholics is happy with this big Shot Put battle and hopes the remaining 7 throwing events are going to be same!!