Märt Israel: "I felt I could throw over 70 meters as well"

Märt Israel (EST) came back to Estonia  after a very successful trainingcamp which culminated with a new lifetime best 66.98 m. He wishes to attain a consistency in over 65 meter throws. Israel´s main goal is to win a Gold award from the Universiade and reach the final in the World Championships (Daegu).

Israel said his best throw 66.98 m wasn´t good technically and even now it would not been a miracle to throw a couple of meters further. "When I competed in Chula Vista I felt I could throw over 70 meters as well. My best throw was nothing special,"  Israel said to the Estonian Television.

Israel´s motivation and confidence has noticeably gone higher because of the last season, which was the most successful during his career. Israel says he has found - together with his coach VésteinnHafsteinsson - just the right schema for his preparation, which suits him best.

This year he intends to pick the competitions more carefully, because last years 26 competitions was too much.

"My most important competitions this year are the Universiade and the World Championships, I should be in my best shape at those meets,"  he affirmed and added that he wishes to win the brightest award in the Universiade and be at least in the final in the World Championships.