Kanter: "If Harting wouldn´t be scared, he wouldn´t have bothered me"

Estonian discus giant Gerd Kanter admitted that the European Champion Robert Harting used a sneaky manner to get his focus away before the final attempt.

"It was a low act, I would not do it myself, but it has an impact of course- you try to surprise your opponent in a new situation" Kanter blames.

The double World Champion Harting asked Kanter if he is interested in changing t-shirts after the final, and he asked it right before Kanter´s final round throw. Now, the Olympic Champion Kanter believes it was Harting´s tactical move to bother him and make an impact on his final throw.

"My coach and other team told me that Harting watched my throws attentively. He hasn´t done that before" Kanter says.

The article is based on ohtuleht.ee and postimees.ee.