Alekna shows an amazing form in Lille, 69.04

The twofold discus Olympic Champion Virgilijus Alekna, the walking legend in the events of throwing, surpassed all the doubts in Lille where he won the discus with an amazing 69.04m.

Alekna had thrown 68.79m earlier this week in the meet held in Bellinzona. After what many were in doubt of Alekna´s form and found the throw just a flash. With his amazing row of throws - 68.05, 69.04, 68.47, 68.91, 66.12 and 68.40 - he made it clear that he is not the man to not count with in Helsinki and London.

The fact that the reigning Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter threw 66.17m and was second makes Alekna´s situation even more incredible as he is second in the season´s top list, right after the twofold World Champion Robert Harting who has thrown twice over 70m this year and keeps German fans cheering. 70.66m is the mark that indicates the world leading now.

Considering Alekna´s experience and achievements in past specialists consider him the equal favorite beside Robert Harting.

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