Marić throws a new lifetime best in La Jolla

Croatia´s Martin Marić started his La Jolla tour with a wonderful new lifetime best of 66.53m at OTC Pre Olympic Series, Men´s Discus OPEN.

The meet started with high expectations for all the competitors. Rutger Smith opened with a decent 64.39 and Martin Marić answered with his lifetime best 66.53m in round two.

Round three really fired up the meet. Smith and Erik Cadée both heaved the discus over 66 meter line. Smith had 66.33m and Cadée 66.10m.

Behind the starring roles, Robert Fazekas threw 64.94m and landed on fourth position while Niklas Arrhenius followed him with 62.27m. Brittish hopes for the London 2012 Lawrence Okoye ( 62.27m ) and Brett Morse ( 61.06m ) were both performing under their own expectations.

Okoye managed to get into a figth with Niklas Arrhenius, both finished with 62.27m. Niklas Arrhenius, the Swedish throwing celebrity, took the victory over Okoye in his final throw where he roughly recorded 61.97m against Okoye´s second best throw 61.77m.

Rutger Smith was not satisfied " There is much more " he indicated in Facebook while his fellow Erik Cadée felt he really got on the pursuit of happiness. This was the best ever season start for him " Now let´s add weights and strength " he said.

"There are two meets coming up in next week. I look forward to that " Smith painted a boldy tot to his day.

In the women´s field, Jade Nicholls of UK threw 60.51 which was enough to finish first ahead of Suzy Powell ( 59.85 ) and Monique Jensen ( 59.50 ).

Next meets will be held in 26 and 28 of April.