Results of the second round of thrower of the year 2011

Dear Throwholics fans,

the second round of "Who is going to be the thrower of the year 2011?" is over and here are the results:

MALE: 58 votes

Robert Harting 16

Virgilijus Alekna 1

David Storl 29

Dylan Armstrong 3

Matthias De Zordo 2

Koji Murofushi 7

Therefore Virgilijus Alekna and Matthias de Zordo won´t be part of the third voting round.

FEMALE: 51 voters

Li Yanfeng 0

Nadine Müller 3

Valerie Adams 28

Betty Heidler 7

Maria Abakumova 13

Barbora Spotakova 0

Therefore Li Yanfeng and Barbora Spotakova won´t be part of the third voting round.

The third round will start in a few minutes and you can find the link to the third round on the bottom.

Every week we will eliminate 2 of the throwers and make a new voting for you.

Therefore you can vote every week  for your favourite thrower.

That means that we will have the thrower of the year around Christmas.

The link to the voting:

Throwholics on Facebook

Thank you or participating

Your Throwholics Team