Pitkamäki won over Thordkildsen in Shanghai

Finland´s former World Champion Tero Pitkamäki won the 2nd Diamond League meet which was held today in Shanghai. He threw 85.33 and leads the Diamond Ranking with 5 points. He repeated the World Leading result which was set by Russian Sergei Makarov.

2-time Olympic Champion Andreas Thordkildsen (NOR) was second with 85.12 (Diamond Ranking 2p, 4th) , he was followed by Robert Oosthuizen (RSA, 83.73, Diamond Ranking 3p, 3th) and Teemo Wirkkala (82.39 SB).

Petr Frydrych (CZE) was 6th with 79.40 (Diamond Ranking 4p, 2nd). By the way, he is coached by legendary  Jan Železný.


Men´s Javelin, Shanghai Diamond League 2011