El-Ghazaly still training hard

Omar El-Ghazaly, former world junior record holder (65.88 in 2003, 1.75kg) and the reigning African champion is training in his hometown Cairo at the moment. His coach Aleksander Tammert and physiotherapist Siim Altosaar are also there and helping him.

El-Ghazaly recently proved that working with Tammert has been the right choice, 64.79 in Cairo Club Championships was up to their expectations and there is definitely much more to come. It´s remarkable because El-Ghazaly never prepared for this competition and still has hard trainings. The main target is to be in his top shape at the World Championships in August.

In the wintertime El-Ghazaly has improved a lot in technical part and in strength levels also. Below you can see him benching 5 x 190kg, doing hang clean with 160kg x 5 and half-squatting 5 x 290kg.