Interview with Robert Harting!

This week we had an excellent chance interview Robert Harting.

How has your training been Robert? Any injuries?

Thank you. So far I am doing good. I don´t have any problems.

What are your social aims for this year?

My aim is to pass all my exams and concentrate on the flow of life and work.

What will be your future Robert?

I hope to have a lot of fun and rest also. I wish to make some creative things like art, or commercials.

If you end up with your career, what would be your main income?

I want to start a career in an advertising agency.

What is your main advantage as a discus thrower?

My head and my shoulders.

Which is more important:  physical abilities or  mental strength? Nesterenko never succeeded although he had an incredible physical talent.

Nesterenko was not as old as everybody thought he is. I think he is 4-5 years older. That´s the reason why he had such a big throws. There is no other explanation for those results he had.

Do you have a favourite thrower?

It is still Alekna.

Is it possible to be friends with your competitors?

It depends on where they live. When you are a professional fighter you can´t talk to those who want to beat you!

Do you have suggestions to young throwers?

Get the wide sight!

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation?

Yes, often. Because competing on the world stage next to Gerd and Piotr is really hard. You need some rest! Especially up there - in your mind!

How did you do in your early years as a thrower. Was it financially hard for you?

Yes. I did a lot of illegal stuff to feed myself. I was 15 when I left home. My parents loved me and my brother very much but they couldn´t afford raising us  so me and my brother Christoph left home. We have a very tough past.

How far are we from being totally clean sports?

Do you know the Shrek?  We are far away.

Raul Rebane once said:  "Discus thrower can never be a star like Usain Bolt." Do you share this?

Yes! You have to explain too much when you watch discus. What do you have to explain in running?

What can we do to make discus more popular?

A show, public events and contenders fighting above every line.

The World record (Jürgen Schult - 74.08, Neubrandenburg 1986) recently had its birthday few months ago. It´s now over 9000 days old! Do you think you can beat that?

Don´t think. Just do it.

There are many throwers that like to chase big winds in America or Sweden. Why don´t you compete at those meets?

I will go for it in the future.

Do you think you can throw farther with changing your technique? Jürgen Schult added 4m with a foot change. You still have your feet fixed :)

I really don´t know. I like it but in a way I throw now, I can use the strength of my long hips and soft shoulders. I have to change too much to throw with a foot change.

You look tough. Have you ever cried?

Are tough guys crying? You will see it in 2012!

Do you see any future stars in discus?

I don´t know. I hope Harting brothers will bring the discus into a new eras!
(Robert´s 20-year old brother Christoph has a personal best of 61.10m. Throwholics)

If the World comes to an end on 21 December 2012 and you somehow survive, would you build a circle and still throw a discus even if you are  the only one alive?


Is it possible to become a multi millionaire with a discus throw?

I don´t know, ask Gerd!

Thanks Robert for your time.