Aero GhostJav by Spearwerx!

Dear throwers.
I had the privilege of reviewing the brand new Aero Ghost javelin from Spearwerx.

About Spearwerx
Born out of the absolute passion for athletics and track and field, SPEARWERX started as your traditional “garage startup”. Our first javelins were made simply to supply a need for our owner to have javelins to train with.
After Intensive research into metallurgy, aerodynamics, manufacturing processes and consultations with the world’s best javelin designer soon followed. The javelins got better and better and in 2014 the RAPTOR javelin was released. The RAPTOR javelin is our flagship product and is made of the most advanced alloys, it pushes the legal limits of the IAAF rules, will not rust, will not rattle, is completely customizable, and is affordable for all athletes.
The Aerojav can be a good tool for helping javelin throwers learn the technical aspects of the throw
[Taken from the official spearwerx website linked HERE]

My review of the amazing new ghost training javelin from spearwerx.
First impressions
After receiving the implements, I can say without a doubt they are the best looking training javelins I have seen. Comparing the design against another training implements, the ghost javelin is a game-changer and I believe it has a bright future within the javelin community. The ghost javelin has a carbon fibre looking shaft and is designed with advanced composites that will not deform from throwing.
It looks incredible and is definitely a winner when it comes to design. The ghost weighs in at 450 grams and is the perfect training javelin for all ages. I first came across the Spearwerx ghost javelin when reading up on results and after reading a short review from a junior competition in the USA. I instantly thought I've got to get hold of one of these and try it for myself!

The Ghost weighs in at 450 grams and its stiffer than the typical training javelin but that all said, it’s very forgiving on younger throwers. I would recommend the ghost to any up and coming thrower or full-time athlete. The ghost caters for everyone of any age. After many throws with the ghost, the tail can be put back into place unlike other training javelins. I can see this as another popular training implement, as the ghost will not damage or break. The Ghost comes with a rubber grip as standard or a cord grip. When allowing my throwers to play with the ghost, they all agreed that they loved the corded grip of the javelin. The ghost also is highly responsive to mechanical flaws during the throw; this allowed for more training throws than the heavier javelins.

Throwing with the ghost
My personal experience throwing the Ghostjav is that it helps me to find the issues with my throws; at first I thought that the ghost was top-heavy but after finding out that the ghost is designed to help show your throwing flaws, it then helped me to improve them. I have no doubt that the ghost is a must-have for any throwers wishing to improve.
Phoebe Hoaen (U17 45m+ Throwers)
I really like the ghost javelin.
I found that it flies so nicely and floats really well too. However, they have less weighting at the tip, so don’t crash down tip first which I also love (at the time of throwing we didn’t understand the reasoning behind this but now we do). They straighten themselves out if the release is inaccurate. The look/design is also very sleek and it does not feel clunky at all. I really like the use of a rope/rubber grip because a different texture to the plastic feeling body psychologically makes you think that it is the grip of a real javelin. This allows you to get a better pull, as well as it just being easier to grip onto and less likely to slip from your hand upon release. Overall I think these are brilliant new products and look forward to using them lots more in the future.


Thank you to Spearwerx for allowing me to review the ghost, they sent me one of there raptor javelins and it is just amazing and exactly what we needed. Please feel free to check Spearwerx out HERE!

Luke Angell