Timothy Herman - Javelin Thrower Q&A

Timothy Herman is a Belgium Javelin thrower with a Personal best throw of 79.41 set this year in Sint-Niklass, He is the grandson of the late athlete Frans Herman, in 2011 he moved to AC Meetjesland , where he is trained by Luc Van Maldegem.
In 2011 Herman won the javelin at the FBK Games in Hengelo and he became third in the Belgian championships in all categories in Brussels . A year later he finished one step higher at the same championships . In 2012 he won the javelin oi the Klaverblad Arena Games in Hilversum.

Q: How do you feel your season this year has gone?
A: I have a good season this year with a new personal best 79m41 and for 4th Belgium Champion

Q: Have you had any injuries?
A: Two years ago , I have problems with shoulder deltoids, it has been operated and I have had the last two years with pain when I throw the javelin, but this year I have had no pain.

Q: Who do you currently train with? 
A: I’m training just my coach Luc Van Maldegem, for the winter a training both outdoor and indoor , running technique , medicine ball, nock ball , javelin drills and hurdle and forest workouts etc

Q:What is your big goal for 2019?
A: My big goal on 2019 , fort he first up 80m barrier and  my 5th Belgium champion

Q: What is your favourite javelin?

A: Nemeth Classic 95m

Q: What is your diet like?

A: I have no diet, I eat everything

Q: How does your training routine stand out from other Athletes?
A: I’m training every day after I work 8 hours, its not easy , every training session I am not 100%, I'm training 2 hours indoor or outdoor

Q: During competition season, how often does you practice and how many throws would a practice session consist?

A: Every week I train 4 days.  For javelin workout, I begin with javelin drills , 3 step, 9step (40 throw) and end with Javelin throws x4/5 throw around 70m+

Q: Who are your inspirations?

A: Andreas Thorkildsen and Ruuskanen (last i’m training with him at portugal stage)

Q: Who are you sponsored by

A: I have lot of sponsors where I live, the Belgium sponsors do not form me, I’m the first on my country

Thank you to Timothy & Chris Herman on providing us with the answers to our Q&A and good luck to Timothy for 2019! from all of us here at throwholics.com.