Ben East sets NEW amazing Record at the UK National Championships at Bedford!

Javelin Thrower from Berkshire breaks his own British record for the third time!

Ben East from Hungerford, UK competed at Bedford international stadium this weekend at the national championships, this was his first time at the competition, and what a way to remember it, he was throwing in the U15 Javelin competition where he broke his old record of 66.95 which he achieved at the English schools competition in Birmingham, but this time he passed the record with a throw of 67.04 which he throwed in the 2nd round of the competition, Ben went on to collect gold, with a 13m+ lead in the competition! An amazing athlete and future star in the making. Ben is currently in his final year of the U15's age group, he will be moving onto the U17's with the 700g Javelin, he has currently been training with that weight for the past 3 months on and off and everything looks promising!

East (14) originally broke the British record for the age group that was originally 65.87 a record that had stood for 8 years until ben broke it at the Loughborough Javelin Carnival with a throw of 66.17 that was also in the 2nd round of the competition, he then went on to break it again at the English schools competition, with a throw of 66.95 again achieved in the 2nd round of the competition and taking the gold, and now again in the 2nd round of the competition he throws a monster throw of 67.04

Ben East trains at Team Kennet and has done since the age of 11, and has been Coached by Luke Angell
I have been coaching ben since 2015 and honestly from the moment he started to find his grove and enjoy picking up a javelin and throwing it, he will do something special every one always says that but in this case it is true, maybe we may just see a British javelin thrower again on TV, Ben has worked hard every day to get what he wants, he is an pleasure to work with and I fully believe he will throw some massive distances in the future! we both have the passion for this sport and all I want to see is him enjoying himself and looking forward to training. Some not all coaches have egos when it comes to athletics or any sport in general ands even though it is good to be proud of what you have done, there are to many coaches that stick there chest out and love people to know what they do, but I'm far from that, its all about Ben and his training, and working in a way that he feels comfortable with, and helping him to use what he has to make that javelin go an long way!, I work with 5 other javelin throwers that hopefully are on there way to the top so hopefully we will see more of them in the future, Oh how I love this sport. - Luke Angell

Ben is a hopeful for the Future, alongside throwers such as Max Law, U17 - 75.30 a thrower to keep an eye out for in the future if you are not looking at him already!

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