Johannes Vetter 91.22m Javelin throw! - World Leading throw! and its only February!

The 2017 World Champion, The second best javelin thrower with the current model of all time, 94.44m thrower, Team Germany's own Johannes Vetter Competing in only his 2nd competition of this year, unleased a monstrous throw of 91.22 in Potchefstroom South Africa today.

Johannes Vetter is known throughout the throwing community as the second best javelin thrower holding a personal best throw of 94.44, that he achieved in Luzern in July 2017. The 24 year old thrower is a future legendary throwing star, if he isn't already. sitting just 2nd of the all time leaderboards just behind Jan Zelezny who holds the World record at 98.48m, there are rumors that Vetter could throw a world record throw this year. but it is just to early into the season to tell. but one thing is for sure. ALL eyes are on Johannes Vetter. Leading up to the Olympic Game in 2020

Below is the Video of His 91.22m throw.