Q&A With Javelin World Champion Johannes Vetter

Johannes Vetter is the 2017 Men's Javelin World Champion, Winning with a throw of 89.89, Johannes Vetter also holds a personal best throw of 94.44 that he achieved in Luzern back in July 2017 ranking him #2 in the all time list.

Below are the question put forward to Johannes.

How do you feel your season has gone?
"It was an awesome season for me! German record, second best throw so far and the gold medal at the world champs. Could be tough to make this better in the future. ;)"

What do you think is the reason behind your recent success/improvements?
"There are a lot of technical things we change until I train with Boris Oberföll (Henry) our head coach of the german jav throwers. For example the position of the upper body or the time between the right and the left leg (it much shorter now)."

Who do you currently train with?
"50% I train with one of my best friends Markus Koch. He is a the same age like me. He throw 72m this year and he is a police officer. The other 50% I train alone."

Do you follow a technical model?

"Not really. Anybody is really an individual and has there own style. I like how Thorkildsen has thrown with his active chest or how Thomas uses his left leg and block."

What is your big goal for 2018?

I try to throw a new PB and aiming to be the European champion.

Do you do any coaching?

Not really, Sometimes I try to teach some younger throwers in my club.

What is your favourite javelin?

Nemeth 95

What did you need to work on the most since switching over to Boris Henry?

Upper body position, the work of the right food , knee and hip against the left leg/block.

What is your diet like? & How does it help?

At the moment low carb to lose some fat. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables like salad , a lot protein as well. so really healthy. Not much alcohol!

How does your training routine stand out from other Athletes?

I’m not sure... I train everyday with the goal to be the best. The biggest competitor is yourself. So you have to beat yourself everyday, every week, every month to get better.

During competition season, how often does you practice and how many throws would a practice session consist of?

Normally one or two time per week (throwing sessions) Between 20-30 Throws from the run up. All in all 5 -7 Times Training per week in the competition season.

How does Boris manage your psychological part when you are about to compete?

He has a lot of experiences of his own career. So he really know what he have to say to motivate me or to get me relaxed when I’m excited.

What does it feel like when you remind yourself that you #2 on the all time list?

it makes me feel great. And I’m excited what’s next ;)

Who are your inspirations?

definitely my coach Boris !

Would you agree? That Germany is the new home of javelin throwing?

not really. The Czech guys are really talented as well how we saw at the world champs. Would be nice to see what’s going on in upcoming years. But we are on a really good way and we are all really motivated!

Who are your sponsors?

Herrenknecht AG: https://www.herrenknecht.com/en/home.html

Ursapharm Engagement: http://www.ursapharm-engagement.de/

Bundeswehr: https://www.bundeswehr.de/portal/a/bwde/start

Nike: www.nike.com

Deutsche Sporthilfe: https://www.sporthilfe.de/

Johannes Vetter's Social media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johannes.vetter.official/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johannes_vetter/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jojo_javelin

Thank you very much to Johannes Vetter for taking the time to do this Q&A with us, and thank you to our fans for suggesting some questions, good luck to Johannes for his future competition and training, I Look forward to seeing you throw again.

Credit. Luke Angell