IAAF World Championships 2017 DAY 1 Round up.

August 04 2017 saw the first day of the IAAF 2017 world championships taking place in the Olympic stadium in London, and the field events where off to a flying start with the Men's Discus qualification round with Piotr Malachowski , Robert Harting, Daniel Stahl & Gerd Kanter in the spotlight to not only go straight though to the final but to battle it out for the world champion title, after a tough competition in both Group A & B the final standings for both qualification rounds came down to Daniel Stahl from Sweden throwing the furthest distance of 67.64 allowing him to automatically qualify for the final, along with Andrius Gudzius [LTU] With a  throw of 67.01. Robert Harting [GER] with a throw of 62.32.

The full Final Standings of the Men's discus qualification round can be found here CLICK ME!

This was all the throwing for the 1st day of the World Championships in London, But there was a lot more Smiles And Cheers at day 2 of the LWC  2017

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