A new rule proposed by the IAAF World records set before 2005 to be made un-official!

Before you start reading, I'm sure some of you will agree and disagree with what I have said, but article is to spark discussion. But if you do disagree, please do not hate on the article.

A new rule proposed by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) that could result in any Athletes (In this case throwing related World record holders) being stripped of their respective world records in track and field, this is according to Sean Ingle of The Guardian.

broken major world records have been tested multiple times (about six times) in the lead up to their record-setting performance. The testing sample from after the record would also still need to be available for re-testing. The IAAF only started storing blood and urine samples in 2005, so any record set before that could be impacted. The records would also have to be set at competitions on a list of approved international events.

The proposal was discussed at a European Athletics council meeting over the weekend. IAAF president Seb Coe was in attendance and is in favour of the proposal.
“What we are proposing is revolutionary, not just because most world and European records will have to be replaced, but because we want to change the concept of a record and raise the standards for recognition a point where everyone can be confident that everything is fair and above board,” European athletics president Svein Arne Hansen said.

Reading many articles about the new proposed changes, I am fully against this change, because athletes have work extremely hard for there world records. but after speaking to members of the throwholics community there are some world records that should be taken away from athletes dude to the fact that they have been suspended or banned for doping situations, and myself and I'm sure many other people would agree, that we do not want cheaters within the throwing community.

But getting back on track, when I think of throwing world record holders, there is one big name that comes to mind. JZ best known as Jan Zelezny. The 3 time Olympic & World champion has thrown a total of 53 throws out of him  99 throws over the 90m barrier, and not at all forgetting the legend holds the world record at 98.48 that he accomplished in Jena 1996.

We all know him as the best and most well known javelin thrower ever. (Debateable I'm sure)

But if the IAAF are thinking about reseting the world record list, then Zelezny's 98.48 meter throw would not be recognized, personally I think that is just pathetic. Yes I would love for our sports to be clean, but if throwing 53 throws over 90m does not show that JZ is clean, then I honestly don't know what to say. (Debatable Reason)

Overall I do want to see the cheaters 100% banned from competing, no more second chances, they should be straights banned when found positive for doping. but @IAAF Please don't go through with this proposal of resetting the world record lists.

Some of you may agree or disagree with what I have said, but the main purpose of this article is to start a discussion.

Luke Angell