North American Throws Symposium

Kibwé Johnson is starting his 2nd year as throws coach at IMG Academy. In addition to hosting weekly track and field camps year round, IMG’s full-time academy team is in its 4th year under the direction of world class speed and movement coach, Loren Seagrave. The prestigious prep school, perhaps best known for its football team, is a fully accredited high school and places the vast majority of its athletes in university programs.

IMG Academy is hosting the first North American Throws Symposium. The clinic is open to anyone and welcomes everyone. It is also a USATF certified Level 3 school. Coach Johnson has tapped his vast connections to get three of the best coaches in North America. Don Babbitt, Derek Evely, and Jud Logan have proven track records. What’s more, they are stellar public speakers and have the ability to clearly and concisely deliver their message. This lineup exemplifies what is right about coaching. People from different backgrounds, experience, and philosophies can come together and learn something new.

October 28-30, on the incredible campus of IMG Academy, Bradenton, FL. 45 minutes from Tampa airport. 15 minutes from Sarasota airport.

This clinic is a bargain for the information that will be shared, I’m told several first time lectures have been prepared. Get in now as space is limited!

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Speaker Topics

Don Babbitt
Biomechanics & Dynamics of the Javelin Throw:
A discussion of the critical factors in execution that separate world class throwers from National level throwers. This talk will also go over some of the stylistic variations in throwing the javelin and their impact on certain aspects of execution.

Developmental Patterns and Rates for the Throwing Events:
This talk will go over the developmental rates in performance in terms of biological age, and training age for world class throwers in all four throwing disciplines. A comparison of these rates will be done between the four events as well as between genders.

Derek Evely
• Training Considerations for the Throwing Events:
This presentation will cover several unique and important concepts in constructing a thrower’s training program. It will look extensively at the Bondarchuk system of training and examine the roles of specific training, transfer of training and maximal strength when developing throwers. Data collection and analysis will also be examined.

 • Individualized Periodization Methods: Planning based upon athlete response:
This presentation will cover common errors coaches make when designing training programs for athletes. It will look at the importance of proper planning and the role of specificity in training. It will also examine the differences between Stage, Complex and Variation methods in constructing a thrower’s micro, mess and annual cycles.

Jud Logan
• Podiums and Potholes - Avoiding training program design mistakes:
This seminar will feature 22 years of NCAA results that achieved 48 National Champions and 243 All-Americans in the throwing events.  A science based system that mixed trial and error and continually evolving to maximize results for coaches.  The talk will detail numerous metrics including volume, intensity and meshing the weight room with technical skill required to be a champion.

A Coaches Guide to Vetting Excellence:
This seminar will be geared towards Coaches of any event in Track and Field.  The topics in this talk are taken from a soon to be published book that details 6 steps of a journey for any coach to maximize success.  It will blend 35 years competing at the Olympic level and 22 years as a coach at the NCAA level.