Olympic Bound derailed: Vic' Hogan (South Africa)

from Victor Hogan:

I don't know what to say Norm. I tested positive for the stimulant dimethelhexaenamine. I'm heart broken.

It is my dream, my mission, to be a world-class discus thrower the moral and ethical way. I have too much respect for our sport and my competitors to cheat, or to find a short cut.

I know dimethelhexaenamine is banned, I didn't know dimethelhexaenamine was in this pre-workout drink I began using in March, I usually just have a simple cup of black coffee. I don't have access to a medical staff so I have studied the banned list and vet all my supplements.

I was completely shocked when Athletics South Africa phoned me and told me the news. The dimethelhexaenamine was in a pre-workout drink [which Hogan cannot name at this time as there has not been a hearing] - which did not list dimethelhexaenamine on the label. It does clearly say SAFE IN COMPETITIVE SPORT. I will never intentionally take supplements that contain banned drugs. First and foremost I am a man of integrity.

My case is still under investigation, I am not suspended, I haven't even had a hearing. I do not know where the media got their information but so much damage has already been done.

To be punished for something you didn't do is the worst feeling. The reason for the punishment makes the situation worse than not going to the Olympics. I will miss the Olympics, but the smearing of my name and reputation is much worse.

Throwholics note: There are other details that cannot be made public at this time as there are still hearings that need to take place. Also, I've seen photos of the label and can confirm the text of the labeling.