Koji Murofushi sadly fails to meet the qualifying mark for the Rio Olympics & Possible Retirement from the hammer throw?

Japan's Olympic Hammer thrower Koji Murofushi who won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Athens back in 2004 and who holds a personal best throw of 84.86 that he set that year, he won world championships in Paris where he took home the bronze medal for Japan.
But Murofushi, who is a 41-year-old veteran of the sport,  hinted a possible retirement on Friday, after sadly getting placed 12th in the men's hammer final at the NAC (National athletics championship) competition that ended his hopes for throwing at the upcoming Rio Olympic games.
This has saddened many fans of Murofushi, but over the years of Murofushi career, people have seen the incredible throws of that Murofushi has done.

Murofushi has achieved in total from Olympic Games, World Championships & Asian Games (Taken from personal wiki page)

  • 4 Gold medals

  • 2 Silver medals

  • 2 Bronze medals

Murofushi, hoping for his fifth consecutive Olympic Games and third Olympic medal, needed a throw at least 77m to meet the Rio qualifying mark, but the miserable weather at Paloma Mizuho Stadium in Japan and his short time for preparation hurt his chances.
Sadly Murofushi only managed a throw of 64m of the 77m qualification mark for the Rio games
Murofushi Commented

“The result was 64 meters, but it came from me giving my best. My preparation period was short, but I also feel (I have reached) my physical limit,”

“My body just did not respond to what I wanted it to do. I haven’t yet got my head around the fact that I have not qualified."

If Koji Murofushi does choose to end his incredible career, we here at Throwholics would like to wish him all the best in the future at anything he does.