German Championships: Some victories are more important than gold

At this year's German Championships there are more important things to consider than the gold, silver or bronze medal. The Olympic Games in Rio outshine the title fights in Kassel this weekend. And in some disciplines is the national title far worth more than gold. After all, who has managed the Olympic standard and wins the German national championships has the ticket for Rio already safe. 

Men's Discus Throw

It is a clash of the giants. Five discus thrower have already thrown more than 65 meters this summer - this is the qualification standard, which the German Athletics Federation (DLV) has declared as a minimum to participate in the Olympic Games. Christoph Harting (68.06 m), Martin Wierig (67.60 m), Daniel Jasinski (67.16 m), Markus Münch (66.78 m) and of course Robert Harting (65.97 m) who is on the way back to his former strength - they claim the German national title and secure the Olympic ticket. To classify: Eight national titles went to the account of Robert Harting in the past decade.

Women's Discus Throw

It is numerically the currently most powerful discipline of the German Athletics Federation. Six women fighting for Rio - a number that is probably unique in this density in the past. At the top: Julia Fischer. The Berliner is ranked with her 68.49 meters, which she threw in mid-May in Halle. Currently, even the third place of the world list. Another indication that the German discus throwers are also in this year world class. The World Championships fifth comes as the defending champion to Kassel. But her competition knows the feeling of standing as German champion at the top of the podium. The World bronze medalist of 2015, Nadine Müller (65.42 m), has five times already won the gold medal at the German Championships, the European Championships bronze medalist Shanice Craft (64.62 m) became German Champion in 2014. In addition to the three named also Anna Rüh (64.08 m), Claudine Vita (62.77 m) and Kristin Pudenz (61.01 m) already threw their discus beyond the 61m qualification standard for Rio.

Women's Javelin Throw 

Who has the strongest nerves? Four athletes have been throwing this summer beyond the 62-meter mark and thus, meet the necessary requirements for Rio. But only one ticket will be handed out early. Christina Obergföll has the greatest experiences of them all. She leads with 64.96 meters at the current top list, followed by the ex-European champion Linda Stahl (63.10 m) and the World Championships Sixth Christin Hussong (62.57 m). Ironically, the reigning World Champion Katharina Molitor (62.12 m) is currently ranked in the thankless fourth place. Except for the 22-year-old Hussong all other three Olympic candidates won the championships title at least twice in the last ten years.

Source: by Alexandra Dersch