Harting, Heidler, Schwanitz and Molitor talking about Russian's Olympic exclusion

German athletes have been asked what they would think about the suspension of the Russian athletes prior the IAAF verdict. Robert Harting, Betty Heidler, Christina Schwanitz and Katharina Molitor shared their opinions.

Robert Harting:
Many countries are so creative when it comes to their flag. It would also be great if it would be possible to allow clean Russian athletes, and there are indeed without a doubt clean Russian athletes, to start at the Olympic Games in Rio. It would hurt Russia, even more, to allow the clean athletes compete under the IOC flag. That would be shameful for the country.

Betty Heidler:
Allowing the Russian athletes to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio would send the wrong signal. Everything that has happened has been proven. To establish the credibility of athletics and the good performance again, you have to give a clear statement. There should be a suspension.

Christina Schwanitz:
I do not know if the Olympic idea is of harm when a whole country will be ruled out to compete. I am convinced some athletes are honest and fair. One should not deny those athletes the possibility to qualify for the Olympics.

Katharina Molitor:
Based on the information I do have, I would vote for the exclusion of Russian athletes for the Olympic Games. I think it would be a good sign that systematic doping will be punished harshly.