Both Harting's have to fight for the Olympic ticket

Sisters share everything - Brother do not: At the German national championships Robert Harting wants to take back the national title from his younger brother. Then the road to Rio for the Olympic discus champion would be free. And he could avoid a start at the European Championships in Amsterdam in July.

The grand prize at the showdown of the discus giants is an Olympic ticket. And that is the reason why Robert Harting is keen for the duel with his brother Christoph at the German championships in Kassel (18/19 June).  "This will be the best German Championships of my life," said the Olympic champion in an interview with the German Press Agency. "Proper Armageddon championships. It is now or never! The first place with the qualification standard will automatically be set for an Olympic ticket to Rio." The brother battle of the Harting's is likely to be one of the highlights at the national championships in Kassel next weekend.

And for Robert Harting one of the most prestigious competitions of his successful career. After a long period of suffering and an encouraging comeback - 63.96 meters in Rome, 65.97 meters in Birmingham last 65.37 in Leiden - the 31-year-old has indeed met the Olympic standard, but still four better competitors in front of him. To underline his position, he must become German Champion. "My plan would inevitably be disrupted if I did not directly qualify," said Robert Haring.

Rober Harting wants to go to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, August 12 to 21). But he does not want to compete at the European Championships in Amsterdam (July 6 to 10). "I want to keep my options open, I do not want to be required to start at the European Championships," said Harting. I want to continue on my Olympic training. But Robert has a problem. "If I'm not nominated for the Olympics, and I am not competing at the European Championships one of the other throwers might thrower further than me and take the ticket.

66 meters as season-intermediate target

"Only when I regularly throw 66, 67 meters and not just once, then I am going to compete at the European Championships," said Harting one months before the continental championships in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. "I have to win at the German championships, that I can follow my plan. My plan until 1st July is to throw 66 meters.

His younger brother Christoph has already ticked off the 66m mark. The World Championships eights hurled the two-kilo disc on May 27 in Dessau already 68.06 meters. Only world champion Piotr Malachowski (Poland) was better by nine centimeters in the Olympic season. Last summer Christoph took the opportunity and grabbed the first time the national title because series champion Robert could not compete after his cruciate ligament injury in September 2014.

Complete Different types

As sports professionals, the Harting's do have the same goals, but Robert says about his six years younger brother Christoph: "We are fundamentally different types. We have a different understanding of training and the competition and life. "

This is entirely different with his girlfriend, Julia Fischer. The discus thrower from the joint training group plays a "very significant" role in Robert Harting's life. "It's cool that you can mutually support each other. If I feel bad, she feels bad - and vice versa, "says Robert. "What I have only managed with her support: I can now finally be who I am. I could not see before. She gives me the fire and makes me think positively." His life was characterized "incredibly enriched ".

Source: by Alexandra