Schwanitz immediately with Olympic standard

Christina Schwanitz is back after a long enforced break and qualifies for the Olympics. But she is still far away from her personal best.

Shot put world champion Christina Schwanitz has secured the ticket for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (August 5 to 21) in her first competition after a nine months forced break.

Germany's athlete of the year tossed at the competition in Gotha twice beyond the 19m line, exceeding the qualification standard (17.75) significantly. From her best (20.77), the 30-year-old was still far away.

After the world title in Beijing last year, Schwanitz had to undergo surgery on the knee.

At the beginning of the season Schwanitz hurt her shoulder. Until Rio a lot of work is waiting for her. "If I did not think that I can do it, then I would not make any competitions," Schwanitz said. In the world rankings currently leads the Chinese Gong Lijiao with 20.43 m.