Konrad Bukowiecki: Rio de Janeiro Go for the Gold

At yesterday's Oslo Diamond League meet a young putter from Poland, Konrad Bukowiecki, was leading the competition until Joe Kovacs (USA) reminded everyone who's the top-cock in the hen house by dropping a massive 22,01m (72' 2½") bomb. At his Diamond League debut Konrad took 2nd place and cracked his U20 world junior record with a 21,14m (69' 4¼")

I must admit, my goal for the Games is gold.

van Dijck: That must've been a dream Diamond League debut in the  meeting. Runner-up to the top putter in the world and a world best; a record set forty-two years ago by one-of-a-king man, Terry Albritton (21.05m | 69' 0¾").

Bukowiecki: It's fantastic. I don't even know what to say. What could be better? [laugh] I can only think that the place could be better because the distance is impressive. And the fact that I lost to Joe Kovacs is not bad. [laugh]   Seriously, I have hunted this record.  After Ostrava, I knew I was very close to it.

van Dijck: Are you going to throw even further than that this season?

Bukowiecki: I hope.  I feel that I can toss the ball much further.  I feel great, and I have not yet said the last word.  I just didn't feel it with my farthest throw in Oslo.  I was emotionally overwhelmed because of my debut at the Diamond League. Going into the meet my goal was to get in the top-4 and three more throws; but when I tossed the ball 20.77m I thought I can go so much further than that. But it was not meant to be yet.

van Dijck: You've been beating double Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski with regularity. This year you've also faced the world champion putter David Storl, in Oslo you faced the world champion, Joe Kovacs. What're you thoughts about going head-to-head with these guys?

BukowieckiJoe's in really great shape.  He is incredibly powerful and is throwing very far in every competition.  Kovacs is a top candidate for the gold at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but he is also not insurmountable.  While I might not be able to win this year, then maybe in Tokyo.  We'll see.

van Dijck: Like you said earlier, outstanding performances have sparked your hopes for a golden performance in Brazil. Poland has stamped itself as a world power in the throws with many gold medals. How do you deal with this pressure? 

Bukowiecki: I had read a lot of things about myself  - and there is some nice news but also some unpleasant news. [laughter] I don't pay attention to it any longer.  I must admit that my goal for Rio de Janeiro is gold.  I do not want to sound bad, but I'm going to Brazil to win. It's the only attitude I can have if I want to be successful. But how will it come out?  We'll see. [laugh] For sure I will do everything in my power.  Will this be enough? We shall see.

Oslo Diamond League
1.) 22,01m Joe Kovacs (Univted States)
2.) 21,14m Konrad Bukowiecki (Poland)
3.) 20,56m Tomasz Majewski (Poland)
4.) 20,40m Tim Nedow (Canada)
5.) 19,84m Asmir Kolašinac (Serbia)
6.) 19,14m O'Dayne Richards (Jamaica)
7.) 17,68m Marcus Thomsen (Norway)

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  • "Konrad Bukowiecki was leading the competition until Joe Kovacs dropped a massive 22.01m bomb."

    No, he wasn't. Kovacs had a 21.51 fifth throw, so he was leading even before he threw 22.01.

  • Good catch, we'll fix it.

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