Röhler massive WL 89.30m (292' 11") | Vetter improves PB to 87.11m (285' 9")

The massive throwing results continue at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo. First, we have seen the Croatian discus queen Sandra Perkovic taking her 3rd DL victory in a row. Then Joe Kovacs drops a massive 22.01m bomb, and Konrad Bukowiecki tossed the 7kg senior shot to a new U20 world record. If that was not enough, the men's javelin results were also more than impressive. Thomas Röhler takes the victory with a world-leading throw of 89.30m, and Johannes Vetter improves his personal best by almost 2 meters to 87.11m

The first round in the men's javelin showed already what kind of competition it will be. Johannes Vetter launched the 800gr implement into the hemisphere and landed at 87.11m. With this massive throw Vetter took the lead instantly and improved his personal best by almost 2 meters. The other German javelin thrower Thomas Röhler produced 84.71m to be in 2nd place after the first round ended. The Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott opened the competition with also high 82.91m. The Australian Hamish Peacock followed with 81.86m and Ihab Abdelrahman with 81.33m.

During the second round, Vetter could not improve any further. Keshorn Walcott, on the other hand, beat Thomas Röhler's 2nd place with and improvement to 84.78m. But the German Röhler did not want to loose (obviously) and landed a massive new world-leading throw of 89.30m during round two. By then it was most likely obvious that Röhler was unbeatable tonight. Vetter was not able to improve any further during his remaining four rounds and ended up with a new personal best of 87.11m in the 2nd place. Walcott, on the other hand, improved during his 4th attempt to 86.35m to come relatively close to Vetter's best attempt. Hamish Peacock ended up with becoming 4th with 84.25m, Ihab Abdelrahman 5th (81.94m) and Jakub Vadlejch (81.89m) 6th.