Kovacs drops 22.01m (72' 2½") bomb while Bukowiecki tosses U20 WR 21.14m (69' 4¼")

What a great shot put competition at today's Diamond League meeting in Oslo. The youngster Konrad Bukowiecki, who is still a junior athlete, was performing amazingly with the men's 7kg ball. In the end, Kovacs won the competition with a massive 22.01m toss. Bukowiecki was probably not unhappy about his defeat because he threw the 7kg ball to 21.14m which is a new U20 WR. 

What we have seen tonight was a class act of the Polish shot putter Konrad Bukowiecki. He tossed the 7kg ball in the first round to 20.77m. Probably the other throwers were about surprised about that performance. Otherwise, one cannot think that Kovacs needed five attempts to beat the Polish youngster.

Kovacs opened the competition with rather weak 20.18m, followed by 20.73m, 20.69m and 20.45m before he took the lead in the 5th round with 21.51m. During the first four rounds, Bukowiecki even improved on his massive first round toss to better the U20 world record with the senior shot. He threw the ball to 21.14m, congratulations!!! Konrad did not improve during his final two attempts but heaved the shot one more time beyond the 20.70m mark.

The Olympic Champion Tomasz Majewski became 3rd with his 3rd round effort of 20.56m. He was not able to get close to his Polish compatriot. Tim Nedow from Canada placed 4th with his best effort of 20.40m from round 5. Asmir Kolasinac (19.84m), O#Dayne Richards (19.14m) and Marcus Thomsen (17.68m) completed the shot put field.

Joe Kovacs:
You know Andreas (Thorkildsen) is a good friend and when they stopped us because his farewell I said to myself I must do something special also for him. Last two throws were excellent. Also I did not want to lost to a young guy. I had big warm-ups but it took me through the full competition to achieve the right throws. Now heading to LA and train, maybe I will do one small meet in US. All towards our Olympic Trials.

Konrad Bukowiecki:
I like to compete, my schedule is very busy. Every 3rd day a competition. So I will go for all top events, Amsterdam, Bydgoszcz and Rio. But most important is to defend my junior title at home in Bydgoszcz. I felt awesome today. All valid throws over 20 m that is very good. I knew I can throw that far.