Harting: Doping scandal nothing new to me

For discus gold medalist Robert Harting the revelations of systematic state doping in Russia was no surprise. He demands a hard line and makes a proposal.

Discus gold medalist Robert Harting does not rule out that the Russian government covered up a systematic doping in their country. "Possibly intended. Many countries are creative when it comes to the own flag", the World and European champions said on Thursday in Berlin.

The research by ARD / WDR for the program "Geheimsache Doping: Showdown for Russia" states that the Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has been involved in the cover-up of a doping case in the first Russian football league. "That would be nothing new," Harting said.

Facing the decision of the International World Athletics Federation (IAAF) on 17 June on the possible lifting of the barrier against Russian athletes Harting said: "I appeal to the passion for the sport and not the passion for money. If the IOC wants to give up the core of the clean sport, they must allow the Russian Federation to compete. If they want to implement and force an ethical code that they must leave the federation sidelined. "

Harting described it as "great" if clean Russian athletes could start at the Olympics in Rio (05 to 21 August) under the IOC flag. "That does hurt Russia much more," said the 31-year-old. Which athlete is clean, one could find based on the biometric passports and doping samples.

It would not be correct if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would hide behind the world associations. "The IOC must now make a move," Harting said. "The IOC can not rest that his subordinate organizations handle things."

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  • Today 06/09 at TV channel "Russia 24" was shown Olga Skabeeva TV interview with thecreator of new fake in German ARD channel Hajo Zeppelt . It's a bomb.
    It's amazing, but the editor never in all four of his film did not say a single fact. Now after Skabeeva question about the evidence, he was furious.
    He loudly shouted that she should not be a patriot of Russia. Then he snatched the "Russia 24" microphone. He pushed out Olga and the operator from hotel, and then another half hour went after them on the street, holding a microphone in his hand and calling in police(maybe).
    It was obvious that the reason in this situation is he!
    A simple question about the veracity of the TV story put him in a deadlock.

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