Road to Rio: Victor Hogan (South Africa)

In 2016 the world of Discus has been very competitive so far, and we have seen some big throws from the big names, but this season there's a new kid on the block. His name is Victor Hogan, and he is hungry for medals. In April 2016 he threw a massive 2-meter PB of 67.62m to take the world-leading mark at the time. He has been throwing very well in Europe and even placed ahead of Olympic champion Robert Harting at the Rome Diamond League.

You threw a world leading mark this year measuring beyond 67m. How does it feel and do you think you're mindset will be different going into the Olympics than it was before, on big championships?

Yes for sure! It feels great, and I'm looking forward to more big throws this year. I am much more confident this year in my abilities, even before that 67m throw, especially because I know my God gives me that ability to do even better than I aim for.

In your junior year, you already threw an incredible 65m with the 1.75kg disc. Now as a very successful senior, do you have any advice for young throwers who also wants to make a successful career someday?

Yeah, take your time as a senior. Build consistent progression, and use the first couple of years to condition and to prepare your body for senior level. I wasted a few years due to stupid injuries!

Which competitions do you plan on doing? Will you be taking any time off before the Olympics?

I will be doing African champs 22 June, maybe 15 July Monaco Diamond League and then prepare for the Olympics. I mean training is done, now it's just building up to the games.

2016 Got off to a great start for you. Is there any reason for your sudden improvement?

Well after Beijing I realized I'm wasting precious years going on with a knee injury that's been coming from 2012.....i tried to work through the pain, I've tried resting it, sometimes for 4months...  From
Squats to jogging - I had to take an anti-inflammatory pill right after to be ready for my next session. So after World champs, I realized that I'm trying to beat the best while I'm not it top form, and not producing my full potential.

So after the 2015 season I had a little rest, started with rehab, put a lot of effort into that and started my first phase of training, and for the first time, my whole body was functioning together.

What is your current height and weight?

I am 1.99m and 124kg

What do you need to work on or improve?

Prevent injuries, to throw the same in wet circles, and consistency in my competition throws.

What do you need to accomplish to be named to the South African Olympic Team?

65m.... So that's done, now I need to work on what is needed to medal at the Olympics.

Who is your coach?

My coach is Kaai Preller. (Coach of Frantz Kruger)

Who are you training with?

My training partner is Brynn Peter Kemp also a South African discus thrower.

What do you do to relax?

Well, I love fishing, let's go now!

Haha. Thank you very much and good luck.