Javelin Thrower Johannes Vetter: "I'm looking forward to new things"

Johannes Vetter is fired up for the javelin - and moved his residence to a city near the national coach Boris Henry.

Among the privileges of youth, one can be hooked for topics, for deeds, for dreams. While older people usually weigh very carefully pros and cons of their actions and then often choose the safer option, young people are more willing to take a risk. Johannes Vetter is a representative of exactly this craft. He is only 22 years old - and with great zeal about to discover something new. He wants to explore his limits. "I'm fired up for more," he says, while pulling a mischievous grin on his youth-like face. Then he adds, and lets his gaze from the Offenburg Rüdiger-Hurrle Hall wander into the open: "I'm fired up for new things."

If he would not be like this, Johannes Vetter, who has become seventh as a complete surprise at the World Championships in Beijing last year, he would not have moved to Offenburg. Johannes Vetter was born in Dresden and grew up, where he finished his baccalaureate. Then the 1.88 meters tall and 103 kilograms athlete went to the National Police Saxony. Since September 2014 he is a Sports Soldier.

At training camps, he intensified the contact with the javelin's national coach Boris Henry. With the husband of Christina Obergföll, who belongs to the world class in this technically demanding discipline for about a dozen years, the young man was discussing the pros and cons of a move. Only the benefits are important to Vetter. Because Vetter's mind was made up quickly. "I want to train with Boris Henry. I am convinced that I am improving the most under the wings of Boris. End of discussion."

So Johannes Vetter moved last year to Durbach Ebersweier, seven kilometers away from Offenburg. He took over the apartment of a javelin thrower who had trained for a while with Christina Obergföll. "If you know what you want, you have to take risks, leave old things behind and try new things. Finally, I want to improve," said the young man, who still has some silly ideas. On his left shoulder blade, a javelin thrower is shown. His passion Vetter carries as a tattoo on his body. Should he, what Johannes Vetter has set in his mind, qualify this year for the Olympics in Rio, then he is going to add the Olympic rings next to the javelin thrower. Body art as a commitment.

That the 22-year-old came at a time to Boris Henry, when the Obergfölls had just started a family and son Marlon was born into the world, was for Johannes Vetter no obstacle. On the contrary. "From Christina's experience as a javelin thrower I can benefit - and during the daily training we can push each other," says Vetter. Christina Obergföll (34) confirms this statement. The world champion of 2013 attests to her young training colleague, who is also used as a babysitter for Marlon from time to time: "John is probably more ambitious than I am."

Vetter describes himself (yet) as power-thrower. Although the technique has already become better under the wings of Boris Henry. 2014 was his personal best only at 79.75 meters. Last year he made a huge step forward. He hurled the 800-gram heavy sports equipment to 85.40 meters - and became seventh at the World Cup with 83.79 meters.

"I am thinking primarily of three things:. The Olympic qualification standard, the Olympic Games- and my first 90-meter-throw". To see these things easily - that's still such a privilege of youth.