Pawel Fajdek drops 81.71m bomb at Bydgoszcz Cup 2016

At the sixteenth European Athletics Festival in Bydgoszcz, Paul Fajdek underlined his great shape he is in right now. Fajdek dropped a massive bomb with the 7kg hammer. His last-round throw of 81.71m meant a new world lead. 

With each attempt, Fajdek would have won the competition. But it was the last round that produced a new world leading throw. Up to today, Fajdek was leading the world's rank list with his 80.66m throw in Ostrava in May. During the last attempt, Pawel threw 81.71m showing his ambition for the gold medal at the European Championships and the Rio Olympic Games. The world champion from Beijing clearly won the competition without a  doubt.

Pawel Fajdek:
"I am not surprised by this results," Fajdek said. "I told myself that in each competition I must throw over 80 metres. I am very glad and that was kind of a gift for my 27th birthday (saturday)".

In the men's shot put competition two big men were fighting for the victory. The Olympic Champion Tomasz Majewski is still struggling with his form and became second with his best effort of 20.17m. The youngster Konrad Bukowiecki won the competition with another great showdown of 20.83m. Georgi Ivanov from Bulgaria placed 3rd with 19.56m.

Pawel Fajdek:
We got this! 81.71 wl :)))) 3 weeks here I'm going back for more

Tomasz Majewski:
Lack of energy, lack of results... No sign of power. And now the train home