Wlodarczyk (77.70m) and Nazarov (77.09m) with big throws in Slovakia

At the 51st Pravda-Televízia-Slovnaft Meeting in Slovakia, the world record holder Wlodarczyk produced some more huge throws. Also, Dishood Nazarov was showing quite good results in the men's hammer event. Petr. Frydrych won the men's javelin event with 82m.

The women's hammer event was the best throwing event at the 51st Pravda Televizia Slovnaft meeting in Slovakia. The world record holder Anita Wlodarczyk fouled her first attempt before lifting the 4kg hammer to 74.09m in the second round. This would already be enough to take the victory, but she was not satisfied at all. She improved in her 3rd attempt to 77.70m giving her a lead of 7m to the 2nd place. Katerina Safrankova from the Czech Republic became 2nd with 71.33m and Joanna Fiodorow 3rd with 71.13m

In the men's hammer event the battle was between Dilshod Nazarov and Marcel Lomnicky. After the first round, Dilshood was leading with 74.79m, rather weak attempt. Lomnicky fouled his first round throw but then improved during his 2nd throw with 76.67m taking the lead. Nazarov was in 2nd place due to his 2nd round effort of 76.18m. During the 3rd and 4th round, Nazarov improved and lifted the 7kg hammer to 77.07m and 77.05m which secured him the 1st place. Lomnicky did not improve during his remaining four rounds and ended up with the 2nd place. Siarhei Kalamoyets placed 3rd with 74.48m and Lukas Melich 4th with 72.64m. Libor Charfreitag cannot be satisfied with his 5th place and only 70.74m

Marcel Lomnicky:
Great audience at P-T-S meeting yesterday.. and I'm sorry I couldn't win it in front of home crowd! Finished second with 76,67m.. Next competition: Kusocinski Memorial in two weeks. ‪#‎nike‬ ‪#‎iaaf‬

Petry Frydrych produced a new season best to take the victory in the men's javelin competition. He opened with 78.22m which was already a new season best but not enough to take the win. Risto Matas improved to 81.20 during his 4th round to better Petr's 1st attempt. By this time Petr has already lifted the 800gr javelin to 82.19m to take the victory.