Thomas Röhler produces new word leading throw of 87.91m

In Jena, Germany there was a throwing competition organized specialized on the javelin event. Thomas Röhler, currently the best German javelin throwers was part of the organizing team and helped to get some of the best throwers to come. 

Thomas Röhler underlined his focus on the Olympic Medals in Rio. He produced a world leading throw in Jena, Germany. He opened the competition with strong 82.41m which put him in the lead after the first round. Not a single thrower was able to produce a throw beyond the 80m mark during the first round. Johannes Vetter improved after his first round foul to 80.33m to take the 2nd place for the time being. During the 2nd round Thomas Röhler improved to 84.90m increasing his lead. Johannes Vetter was not able to improve on his 2nd round effort and ended up with the 4th place. He was beaten by Julian Weber who produced two throws beyond the 82m mark, with the furthest of 82.51m. Lars Hamann threw even further during his last round. He threw 84.16m to take the 2nd place on the podium. Röhler was then once again on the spot producing his world-leading throw of 87.91m and season best in his 4th attempt. Congratulation Thomas