Julia Fischer underlines her ambition for the Rio tickets with 66.29m (217' 6")

As mentioned in the preview for the Schönebecker SoleCup 2016, the women's discus event was highlighted by possible great results. The event has just finished, and one can see that it was not a lie. The German Julia Fischer won the competition with strong 66.29m. Anna Rüh (64.08m) and Shanice Craft (64.02m) completed the podium. 

As already mentioned Julia Fischer seems to be in the season of her lifetime. First, she opened the season with a new personal best of 66.59m, then continuing with her massive new personal best of 68.49m. In Eugene, it seems she was a bit tired from the flight considering the result of 61.91m. Tonight, Julia Fischer threw 66.29m to take the victory. Her seasonal average is currently at 65.82m which is of such high class. There are three tickets available, and Julia Fischer seems to be in the lead for getting one of these. She threw three times beyond the 65m line today.

Anna Rüh and Shanice Craft fought for the 2nd place. Shanice Craft was in the lead after the first three rounds with 64.02m. But Anna Rüh bettered the result with her 5th round effort of 64.08m Only 6 centimeters further than Shanice. In mid-May Claudine, Vita threw a new personal best of 62.40m, but today she bettered this result by 33cm. Kristin Pudenz ended up with the 5th place and 59.13m.

In the absence of Martin Wierig, who just injured his throwing hand slightly Markus Münch took the opportunity and blasted the 2kg implement close to his personal best of 66.87m. During the 3rd round, Markus Münch threw 66.78m to underline also his ambition for the Rio Olympic Games tickets. Now there are even four throwers in front of the Olympic Champion Robert Harting.

Christoph Harting (68.06m), Martin Wierig (67.60m), Daniel Jasinski (67.16m) and now Markus Münch (66.78m)

The women discus results:

1. Fischer, Julia 1990 BE SCC Berlin 66,29 m
59,51 65,22 66,29 x x 65,92
2. Rüh, Anna 1993 ST Sportclub Magdeburg 64,08 m
61,19 60,79 62,30 x 64,08 63,80
3. Craft, Shanice 1993 BA MTG Mannheim 64,02 m
62,92 x 64,02 x x 62,91
4. Vita, Claudine 1996 MV SC Neubrandenburg 62,77 m
62,15 62,19 x 62,66 x 62,77
5. Pudenz, Kristin 1993 BB SC Potsdam 59,13 m
57,93 59,13 x x x x
6. Steinacker, Marike 1992 NO TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen 56,83 m
55,78 56,38 56,48 x 56,83 54,85
7. Hartwig, Julie 1994 BE SCC Berlin 56,56 m
x 56,56 x x 56,32 x
8. Weber, Evi 1995 BY TSV 1862 Erding 49,24 m
47,58 x x 49,24 x x

Julia Fischer's top ten average

Discus, 10 best results (legal):
68.49 1 Halle 21 May 2016
66.59 1 Wiesbaden 15 May 2016
66.46 2 Wiesbaden 10 May 2014
66.29 1 Schönebeck 03 June 2016
66.04 1 Wiesbaden 19 May 2013
65.98 1 Nürnberg 25 Jul 2015
65.09 1 Schönebeck 26 Jun 2015
64.83 3 Halle 17 May 2014
64.64 3 Wiesbaden 10 May 2015
64.22 3 Wiesbaden 12 May 2012

Average: 65.863