Preview: Schönebecker SoleCup 2016 with High-Class Throwers

Every year the Schönebecker SoleCup meeting is producing massive throwing results. This time, the meeting organizers changed the schedule a little bit and had taken out the throwing events to put an exclusive focus on the events. 

Today, the throwing equipment will be tossed around in Schönebeck. As always the discus event is filled with high-class throwers and the expectations are usually quite high for good results. The women's and men's discus event will produce some incredible results. As usual, there are three tickets available for each event. Germany has one problem, though; there are 5-7 throwers in the women's discus event who are fighting for the tickets. Julia Fischer, currently leading the top German list with 68,49m is among the strong field of throwers. Also, Anna Rüh, Shanice Craft, Kristin Pudenz and Claudine Vita all have the passed the qualification standard. Nadine Müller is not throwing at the SoleCup this year.

In the men's discus event Marting Wierig and Markus Münch are the strongest throwers who are fighting for the three available Olympic tickets. Martin Wierig, who has a personal best of 68.33m, threw already 67.60m this season. Markus Münch has a personal best of 64.30m and needs to improve a little bit more to grab one of the tickets. David Wrobel, Sebastian Scheffel, and Henning Prüfer all threw the discus already beyond the 60m mark, and this will be their goal for tonight as well.

In the women's hammer event the Argentine Jenny Dahlgren is competing against the German Carolin Paesler who recently broke the 70m barrier. Alexander Ziegler will most likely win the men's hammer competition because he has a 10m gap between him and the 2nd best thrower. Yang Gao, a Chinese shot putter, has the upper hand in today's event. Her personal best of 19.04m puts her in front of her friend Tianqian Guo (1859m).