Harting hits Isinbayeva back: "Russians are mentally manipulated"

With usual pithy words, Robert Harting has responded to the doping allegations by Yelena Isinbayeva. "Obviously, they are mentally manipulated and deceived. The fact that especially coaches saying phrases like 'The others do the same thing' still have success, shows the horizon of many athletes," said the discus star to the "Bild" to (or “intending to”) the Russian athletes. 

Pole vault Olympic champion Isinbayeva had previously - without naming names - claimed that there is in Germany and other countries "systematic doping". Russian athletes threatened by numerous doping cases of exclusion from the Olympics in Rio.

"Traveling with real names, can speak English"

Discus Olympic champion Harting accuses Russian athletes, to act with false names and use alleged language difficulties to circumvent drug testing. "There are many countries where the anti-doping system works exemplary. We are controlled all over the world, travel with proper name, can speak English and do not need to cancel any discussions with doping inspectors. "

However, at least something good Harting got out of Isinbayeva's attack: "I am pleased that a Russian athlete speaks up date for the first time, so far we have heard only silence.."

In an interview with the DPA Harting continued: "If Russia gets permission to start at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, I would loose my remaining faith to the to the IOC and the IAAF."

"We must finally find solutions. An embargo to the Russians would be the right signal and I think it is absolutely necessary that one finally decides for values and not for capital," said the 31-year-old before his summer comeback after nearly 21 months competition break on Thursday in Rome.

"There speaks the sheer despair"

Issinbajewas sweeping blow had previously resulted in head shaking. "There speaks the sheer despair when dovetailed such nonsense", for example, said Clemens Prokop, president of the German Athletics Association (DLV). "The problem in Russia is not solved by such a thing. This one needs no further comment really."

Robert Harting: 
Actually the issue annoys tremendously. One solution is needed! AND: why do you not hear other athletes? The IOC could promote and help athletes against the system which they are subject to. Yelena Isinbayeva must attack the Russian Federation and not other countries. Haha and the old chestnuts of widespread doping :)) are already almost historical statements.
The people who prepare doping to make athletes better, should better think to orient their abilities to invest in people, in which they can save lives (SMA / ALS).
For needs of the organism to be "improved"!