Doping: Litvinov woos patience

After the doping scandal, the hammer thrower Litvinov sees the Russian Athletics on the right track. But one need help - and no blows to the head.

In Russian doping scandal, hammer thrower Sergej Litvinov woos patience in implementing the reforms envisaged.

The redesign of the Athletics in Russia will take a long time, "but it's moving. We must not beat us only on the head, but one should help us. Just as it was in the GDR, so it is also with us. From one day to the other, all must reorient "said the 30-year-old to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The most important thing is a doping control system, "if we want to go to Rio, we must be controlled now." For the Olympic candidates it works, "the IAAF has ensured that the top athletes are controlled. But who is not among them, is not subject to any control."

Litvinov, who started from 2008 to 2010 for Germany and 2009 in Berlin World Championships, became Fifth, sees the initial progress. "The whole system was no longer tenable. Now it's better. It could be even better. But it's a plus," he said.

In November, an investigation report of an independent commission had disclosed a systematic fraud scandal in the Russian Athletics chaired by former WADA chairman Dick Pound. The Russian athletes were excluded from the IAAF because of systematic doping; an Olympic exclusion is to be decided in May.

Litvinov hopes that turns for the better for the Russian athletes all. "We have people who are clean. It would be unfair if they were not allowed to go," he said. Doping is a big problem, "but not all are doper". In the case of Olympic exclusion Litvinov believes at the End of the career of many top athletes: "That would be a serious blow to our athletics. Most wonder now why they take it all on themselves.."

At the same time, Litvinov reported on his experiences with the beginning of the year prohibited substance Meldonium by their intake especially athletes from the former Soviet Union had been suspended in recent months. "We always get the means here of doctors. When I finally lay fifty packs around unused, they were already covered in dust," said Litvinov.

He had ten days made their experiment and "then dropped once and for all". He doubted the effectiveness Meldoniums. The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA came under pressure for failing to offer an explanation because Meldonium was obviously considerably longer detectable in the body than previously thought.

This suspensions already had to be reversed.