Anna Rüh: Everything OK again

Discus Anna Rüh has returned to training after recovering from stomach pain.

(Turnov / Magdeburg ) Armin Lemme was audibly relieved at this news: The coach of discus thrower Anna Rüh could announce on Tuesday afternoon: "Anna is better, she has gone back to the training." Anna Rüh toiled in the past week with stomach pain and that did not sound good in those days. While a precise diagnosis is still not available, the suspect went from appendicitis on gallstones to gastric mucosal inflammation. But that is no longer of interest for the 22-year-old now - not on her way to the Olympic Games in Rio.

Instead, she is happy that her stomach drops have helped in the recovery. "Now all is well again, and the last two training sessions have already been held surprisingly well," said Rüh. After all, she had paused a week so she had to cancel the originally scheduled start at the World Challenge in Dakar (Senegal) on Tuesday. "The challenge now is to maintain the level of 63-66 meters," Rüh said.

The next competition will be in Schönebeck on June 3 and Anna Rüh is trying to achieve a similar result as she did for her season opener throwing 63.42m in Wiesbaden. "In Schönebeck prevail always super conditions, because you can throw far," Rüh looked optimistically ahead to the competition.

So while she trained again their teammates are traveling. As on Tuesday evening: In Turnov (Czech Republic) started Martin Wierig and David Wrobel in the men's discus event. The 28-year-old Wierig asked the Facebook Community in advance for their expectation of the distance  at the "Ludvik Danek Memorial" and received range from 62.68 to 67.89 meters. At 67.60 meters, thus more than the required Olympic standard (65.00) he had thrown at the discus in Wiesbaden. In Turnov now the SCM giant finished with 63.33 meters in fifth. Wrobel was sixth with 59.32 meters.

Thereafter, the two athletes and coach Armin Lemme went on a 400-kilometer journey back home. "We want to train again on Wednesday," said the 60-year-old coach. Already this Friday is at the next competition - the athletics meeting in Dessau.

Source: Volksstimme by Daniel Hübner