Road to Rio: Konrad Bukowiecki

Konrad Bukowiecki is undoubtedly one of the best junior shot putters the world has ever seen. With his recent put of 21.01m with the 7.2kg shot, he now has the second  best distance ever achieved by a 19-year-old competing with the senior implement. Only Randy Barnes tossed the 7kg ball further, 21,88m in April 1986. He has also thrown 22.94m with the junior shot this year wich is only 6cm away from all time world junior record with the 6kg!

Your distance of 22.94m is very close to the 23.00m world junior record. What are your goals for this season ?( junior and senior )

Primary goals for this season is, of course, to beat the world junior record, qualify for Olympic games and win on World Junior Championships.

How has your training been this season? Did you attend any training camps?

After the world indoors, I have stayed at home due to exams, because I graduated. Now I'm after all exams and I can focus only on training.

What meetings do you plan to attend before world champs and Olympics?

I think about a few, but I'm very excited about my first Diamond League in Oslo.

You have been overachieving on every chance you get ( recently world junior record with the 7kg). What is your drive and motivation on a day to day basis?

I'm focussing on every competition. Every time I have a chance to win and an opportunity to beat my results.

You have a very reasonable chance to be the youngest shot putter to get an Olympic medal in history, maybe even gold. What are your thoughts on that?

I don't think that will be possible, but of course, I will go there for it. It will be a big success if I get to the final 12.

You have had a few discus competitions this year. How much time are you spending on it and what do you aim to do?

It's always something different. I treat it as fun. I want to get to the final eight on world juniors.

That's all my questions. Dziękuję Bardzo.

Haha, you're welcome.

Burger Lambrechts Jr

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  • There is a major mistake there, huge, the best distance by a 19 yr old is 21,88M, by Randy Barnes USA

  • Hello Leo. I realise my mistake, I should have said by a junior ( Randy was 19 years old but it was in the year he turned 20 and the throw only about 2-3 months before he turned 20 if I recall correctly)

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