Eight for Rio: In Wiesbaden the standards tumble

The discus competitions in Wiesbaden were as promised: Six German athletes outperformed the Olympic standard at the Werfercup, a little later Martin Wierig and Daniel Jasinski followed.

The German champion Julia Fischer threw the one-kilo implement 66.59m and thus kept the high-profile national competition at bay. It was the best result of her career - and a first small stage victory in the battle for the coveted three tickets for the Olympic Games in Rio (Brazil, August 12 to 21).

How exciting the fight in the season-course may be, indicated the further results. With 65.42m, the World bronze medalist Nadine Müller took second place, third was the EM-2014 third Shanice Craft (64.42 m). Kristin Pudenz (61.01 m) and Anna Rüh (63.42 m) surpassed the standard for Rio, which is 61.00m as well.

Even further than Pudenz, who only returned on Wednesday from the training camp in Belek, Turkey came in U23 competition Claudine Vita: With 62.40 meters, the U20 European Champion set a new best and hinted that she may challenge the established ones in the battle for the Olympic starting places.

Result corrected: Martin Wierig wins with 67.60 meters

A duel at the highest level of the men's competition - and following the women's competition two more Olympic standards: The Olympic Sixth Martin Wierig won with 67.60 meters before Daniel Jasinski (67,16m), which increased his best by more than one meter. First, for both the same distance was proclaimed of 67.16 meters, but this was due to a hearing impairment: After examining the logs of the optical distance measuring the distances Martin Wierig was revised upwards.

With strong throws, but no measurable result by Christoph Harting in Wiesbaden: The WM-Eighth had three invalid attempts - one of them, flew to the 70 meters.

"Too bad that he has not shown what he is capable of," said the head coach and world record holder Jürgen Schult about Christoph Harting. For Wierig and Jasinski he spoke of a "top result. This is world class." While Harting did not want to comment on his appearance, Wierig was very delighted. "I am really proud of my performance This is an outstanding result for me."

Clemens Prüfer scratches at U20 record

For the exceptional result of the U20 competitions attended the Potsdam Clemens Prüfer, who hurled the 1.75 kilo disc on 66.27 meters. Only 18 centimeters lacked the German U20 team record of Gordon Wolf. With the men's discus later, Clemens showed even a better result throwing 61.62m.

In the female U20 boosted Julia Ritter her record to 53.68 meters. In her favorite discipline, the U18 Shot Put World Champion had to be satisfied with 15.61 meters and third place: The Shot Put dominated Alina Kenzel (16.63 m) and Katharina Maisch (16.53 m).

Source: leichtathletik.de by Silke Morrissey