REDO: Mattis' (USA) goes 67,45m to lead the World

On site report from Mr Mattis:The Penn meet was absolutely miserable conditions: 43 degrees, no wind and snow before and during the meet. This is what most folks don't understand about Sam. He threw 218 in high school and was routinely throwing between 220 and 227 in practices. We thought he had a great shot at setting the HS discus record. As a sophomore he was only 4 feet behind Crouser's HS sophomore class record. Last year he was throwing between 210 and 217 in practices. However, the Ivy league is brutal on serious students, especially ones at the world's top undergraduate business school, Wharton.

He loaded up all of his tough classes for his junior year so he could make a credible run for an Olympic team in 2016. He would have done much better at the 2015 USA nationals last year, however, 15 to 18 hour days as a JP Morgan Investment Banking intern took its toll on his body. He was waking up at 4:30AM AM in the mornings to practice then reporting to work at 7:30-8AM and not getting home until around 11PM.

His 2015/16 offseason has been incredible now that he can rest, eat well, lift properly and his academic load is lighter. Inconsistency plagues most top US collegiate athletes as they navigate the demands of school and their sport. He has been coming close to 220s since late summer. During his first meet in Florida he suffered a hand injury during warm-ups that prevented him from throwing well. He is fully healed now and ready to have fun. He still has technical items to correct and he is still quite young. Folks see his jump from 205 to 221 and don't see the connections in between those milestones. He is the hardest working smartest athlete I have ever coached. He has much to offer the US discus world. He just needs to stay healthy as he has the focus, the drive and the intellect to go very far in US Athletics.

I have to tell you, as much as the throwing accolades are fun for him, his most treasured award was getting the NCAA Scholar Athlete of the Year award last year.

His grades are equally as important to him as his throws. In fact his mom told him in high school that if he got anything less than an A in any class we would pull him from track and field and football. She was serious and he and his brother knew it.
Perhaps this is why he and his younger brother are now both at the Wharton School at UPenn. He is a hard worker.

Marlon Mattis

 Original article: On a weekend when track & field's big hitters are uncover in Portland for the World Championships, 2015 U23 US Univeristy discus champion Sam Mattis (University of Pennsylvania) found friendly conditions at his home field and threw a 1st round 67,45m (221' 3") at the Philadelphia College Classic. Mattis' mark is the #1 throw in the world, passing Spaniard Lois Martínez's 65,73m (215' 7") from the 1st of February.

While the opener is impressive; it was surprising to see him follow the big 67.,5m with two more useful throws of 66,51m (218' 2") and 67,21m (220' 6"). It also improves his season best of 59,47m (195' 1") from last weekend's opening meet in Florida USA and batters his lifetime best of 62.48m (205' 0") from 13 June, 2015.

series and results:

  • 67,45m (221' 3")

  • 63,28m (207' 7")

  • foul

  • foul

  • 66,51m(218' 2")

  • 67,21m (220' 6")

In true collegiate form, Mattis also went 16,76m (55' 0") to win the shot put and 51,62m (169' 4") for 4th in the hammer.

The question is, has the US found a new discus star and the answer to their Olympic discus woes?